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[[Doctor Nutmeg hands Trudy a large bird, which flaps its wings excitedly. On the top of its head, the feathers curl into a fluffy knot.]]
Nutmeg: And for you, my dear, I have Gustchick!
Trudy: Let me guess... the air critter. Weak against earth, strong against water, stupid-cute and annoying...

[[Nutmeg turns to leave.]]
Nutmeg: I'll check back with all of you later to see how you're doing! Good luck!
[[As he leaves, Gustchick snuggles into Trudy's chest. She gives the creature an awkward look. As soon as Nutmeg is out of earshot, Patty turns to the others.]]
Patty: OK, now that he's gone, we can leave, right? This obviously isn't our Earth.

Sharon: [Cradling her Coalkat with a wounded expression] We CAN'T leave now! Who will take care of our critters?
Patty: [Skeptically holding her Slurphish] Their mommies and daddies?
Fooker: [Absently scratching his Turfig on the head] P.J.'s right. We've got other universes to visit.

[[Sharon steps closer to Fooker and gives him a seductive look.]]
Sharon: What if I get the Greys to replicate this outfit so we can use it later...?
Fooker: [Cocking an eyebrow] Well, I guess we can stay a LITTLE longer...
Trudy and Patty: [Indignantly and in unison] NO FAIR!

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