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[[Patty holds her Slurphish at arms length as if she were afraid it would squirt water at her again.]]
Patty: So what are we supposed to DO with these "critters"?
Sharon: [Cuddling her Coalkat] The main goal of the game is to battle other wranglers and become the champion of the Critter Conference.

[[As Sharon continues, Fooker stands in the background, holding his Turfig up to look it in the eye.]]
Sharon: The more you battle, the stronger your critters become, and you should capture as many different types as possible to capitalize on elemental advantages.

Patty: [Skeptically] So it's virtual dog fighting. That's a great lesson to teach the kiddies...
Sharon: [Defensively] It's not like that. The critters enjoy it and do it for fun. They don't really get hurt, and only pass out when they lose.

[[Trudy leans in toward Patty as her Gustchick glares at Patty's Slurphish.]]
Trudy: [Smugly] Say, Patty, why don't you and I battle?
Patty: [Suspiciously] Why? Because you'll have an unfair advantage so you're guaranteed to win?
Trudy: [Smiling viciously] Oh, so you HAVE been paying attention...

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