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[[As our heroes juggle their critters (and Patty holds hers upside-down), Sharon continues to explain how "Pouch Critters" works.]]
Sharon: As your critters gain experience, they mature and grow stronger. Eventually, many of them mutate into a new species!
Trudy: [As her Gustchick balances on her head] "Mutate"? That's an odd way of saying "grow up".

Sharon: [Holding up her Coalkat lovingly] Think of it more as a metamorphosis, like a caterpillar into a pupa, then into a butterfly. Coalkat will eventually become a Pyreger!
Patty: [Skeptically] Do they ALL have horrible puns for names?

Sharon: [Unfazed] Your Slurphish mutates into Glouper, while Gustchick will mutate into Hurrihen!
Trudy: [Darkly to Patty] Yes, but the puns go downhill from here...

Fooker: [Holding his Turfig] Let me guess: Turfig here mutates into Dirtpork?
Sharon: [Enthusiastically] Nope! Clodhog!
Patty: [To Trudy, wincing] Ouch! And just when we thought they couldn't get any worse...

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