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[[Our heroes begin walking with their "critters" through the woods on their "Pouch Critters" journey. As they travel, Sharon's enthusiasm increases.]]
Sharon: [Spreading her arms wide] On our way to challenge the Critter Conference, we'll battle other wranglers as well as encounter many wild critters we can capture and add to our roster.

Patty: So we get to build our own little creature army. Nothing could possibly go wrong there. And just where do we keep our amassing horde?
Sharon: [Holding up one of the small cubes Doctor Nutmeg held earlier] In Critter Cubes, like this!

Trudy: [Pointing toward her Gustchick perched on top of her hat] I'm no scientist, but there's no way this big bird is going to fit inside that little cube...
Fooker: [Stroking his chin] I dunno... run all that fluff through a good lossless compression algorithm...

Patty: [Skeptically] So cramming our little beasties inside tiny little cubes ISN'T animal cruelty...
Sharon: [Defensively] No! They'll be safe and cozy in there!
Patty: Says someone who's never been stuffed in a locker back in junior high...
[[Trudy smirks at the exchange.]]

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