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[[As our heroes continue their hike, they come across another kid blocking their path.]]
Sharon: [Excitedly] Look! It's another wrangler! And he looks like he wants to battle!
Wrangler: [Assuming a defensive stance] Hold it right there, you!

Wrangler: Wrangler rules state that if you make eye contact with another wrangler, it's seen as a challenge!
[[Sharon steps up with an excited grin.]]
Patty: [Aside to Trudy] I'm avoiding eye contact from here on out...

[[The wrangler opens the cube in his hand. In a flash of light, a shaggy dog-like creature appears. It looks like an English sheepdog with leaves and twigs sticking out of its hair.]]
Wrangler: Mossmutt, I select you!
Sharon: An earth element! That's right up our alley, Coalkat!
[[Sharon's Coalkat leaps excitedly, ready to battle.]]

[[Our view pulls back as Sharon and the wrangler prepare for battle. Fooker, Patty, and Trudy stand back, watching from a safe distance.]]
Patty: So is Sharon always this competitive?
Trudy: She gets it from Mom's side of the family...
Fooker: Determining who gets the last slice of pizza is a death match.

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