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[[Sharon and her young wrangler opponent begin their critter battle. The opposing wrangler assumes a defensive stance, then issues orders to his dog-like creature.]]
Wrangler: Mossmutt! Use Entagle!
[[Mossmutt shudders, then long tendril-like vines come out from beneath its shaggy fur. Shedding leaves as they move, the vines shoot forward.]]

[[Sharon begins barking orders to her Coalkat.]]
Sharon: Coalkat! Burn right through that brush and use Singe!
[[Coalkat nimbly avoids the encroaching vines and close the distance between it and the opponent's Mossmutt.]]

[[Coalkat lunges, giving Mossmutt a fiery slash with its claws. Mossmutt crumples.]]
Wrangler: Oh no! Your move was ultra-potent! My Mossmutt has collapsed!

[[Our attention returns to Fooker, Patty, and Trudy, who are watching the battle from a safe distance.]]
Patty: [Surprised] Wow... Sharon really knows what she's doing...
Trudy: [Dryly] I won't make fun of her gaming habits ever again...
Fooker: [Cocking an aroused eyebrow] Sharon's tenacity was ultra-potent against Fooker...

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