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[[The opposing wrangler slumps his shoulders and hangs his head.]]
Wrangler: [Mournfully] I am... defeated...
Patty: [To Sharon] That's it? You beat him just like that?
Sharon: [Beaming] That's the strategy of elemental match-ups for you!

[[Sharon turns to address Fooker, Patty, and Trudy]]
Sharon: Knowing the right critter to send out against your opponent is the key to any critter battle. Elements, experience, and even items used can shift the balance in your favor.

[[She turns back to the defeated wrangler, who is tending to his wounded critter.]]
Wrangler: [To critter] Here you go, Mossmutt. This medicine will make you good as new. [Turning to Sharon] As for you, you're going to be a great wrangler some day, I know it!
Sharon: Thank you!

[[The wrangler steps forward and hands Sharon a small pouch that seems laden with something heavy.]]
Wrangler: And for winning, here are 1500 Critter Coins!
[[Behind Sharon, Trudy instantly perks up.]]
Trudy: We get money for winning? This stupid game just got a lot more interesting...
[[Patty gives Trudy the side-eye.]]

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