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[[Apparently, our heroes have encountered more wranglers and engaged them in battle. In the foreground, a teenage girl walks away with a satisfied smile alongside a small creature with the face of a lion but large flower petals instead of a mane. Behind them, Patty, Trudy, and Sharon stand together. Trudy seems livid, while her Gustchick appears to have fainted on top of her hat.]]
Trudy: You didn't tell us that if we LOSE a battle, we have to PAY the winner...
Sharon: [Scolding] I thought that was obvious. I also told you Gustchick was no match for her Dandylion.

Trudy: [Scowling] Well, I just gave that brat my last 1000 Critter Coins!
Patty: [Holding her Slurphish] Relax, Trudy. It's not like you're going to get to keep your creature currency once we get back home...

[[Suddenly a strange man with a mop of chin-length and a goatee, swoops overhead, swinging from a nearby tree. He reaches down and snatches Patty's Slurphish, surprising the women.]]
Man: [Grinning evilly] Yoink!

[[Then man leaps to the ground, accompanied by a woman with long, blond pigtails and small rat-like creature. The man tucks the Slurphish under his arm as the trio flees into the woods.]]
Trudy: [Shocked] Did... did those two people just steal your Slurp Fish?
Patty: [Deadpan] No... wait... stop... please come back... don't take my precious critter away...

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