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[[As Slurphish's fish-nappers make their escape, Sharon, Trudy, Patty, and Fooker give chase.]]
Sharon: [Angrily] Unhand that Slurphish, you hooligans, or you're going to be in big trouble!
Female Thief: [Smiling evilly] Trouble, she says?

[[The thieves stop, turn, and assume dramatic poses. They wear matching uniforms, except that the man wears pants while the woman wears a miniskirt with thigh-high boots. A bold letter "S" adorns both of their shirts. The woman has blond hair pulled up into to very long ponytails, while the man sports chin-length hair and a goatee. Behind them, a small rat-like creature leaps into the air with a devilish grin. The human pair begin a taunting, rhyming chant:]]
Female Thief: Looking for trouble?
Male Thief: Don't burst our bubble!
Female Thief: If there's critters to be had...
Male Thief: Hand 'em over and be sad!
Female Thief: Bonnie!
Male Thief: Clyde!

[[The trio continue their cheer, assuming a victorious pose.]]
Bonnie: Team Sprocket steals 'em to our delight!
Clyde: Your critter's ours, so give up the fight!
Rat: S'all right!
[[In the foreground, Patty turns to look back at the others (and the reader).]]
Patty: [Deadpan] It's OK. They can keep it, really...

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