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[[Our heroes stand off against the "Team Sprocket trio": Bonnie, Clyde, and their rat-like critter companion. The two groups stand opposite each other in a small wooded clearing as if facing off in battle.]]
Fooker: Who the heck are these yahoos?
Sharon: Team Sprocket! A villainous team who steal other people's critters and use them for nefarious schemes!

Sharon: [Scowling] Give Patty back her Slurphish, you thieves!
Clyde: [Holding up Slurphish tauntingly] You want your precious little fishy back? Then I suggest you BATTLE for it!

Bonnie: But let's make things more interesting! If YOU win, WE'LL return the Slurphish. But if WE win, you'll hand over ALL of your critters!
Rat: [Giving a thumbs-up] Sounds like a plan to me!

Sharon: [Grimly] Then we have no choice. We'll battle with all of our critters on the line!
Patty: [Still deadpan] Seriously, I don't want the stupid fish anyway...
Trudy: [Pointing toward Team Sprocket] Am I the only one weirded out by the rat who talks...?

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