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[[Team Sprocket pull out their Critter Cubes, releasing two new critters.]]
Bonnie: Go, Clawdaddy!
[[A large, lobster-like creature emerges.]]
Clyde: Go, Buzzkill!
[[A large bee-like insect emerges.]]

Sharon: [To the others] A water and an air element. Looks like Coalkat and I will have to sit this one out. Fooker and Trudy, can you handle this? You'll each be ultra-potent against one of them.

[[Fooker and Trudy step forward toward the Team Sprocket duo waiting smugly nearby.]]
Fooker: If you want ultra-potent, take a whiff of Trudy's perfume...
Trudy: I was going to say the same for your body odor...

[[Patty and Sharon stay behind, out of the line of fire.]]
Patty: Look, I get that you don't want Guppy over there in the hands of the bad guys, but we COULD just slip it into a nearby pond...
Sharon: [Angrily] We're saving your Slurphish and that's final!

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