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[[Fooker and Trudy step forward to take on Team Sprocket. Turfig and Gustchick stand their feet, ready for battle.]]
Fooker: OK, if I got this right, my Turfig should be strong against his bee-thing, while your Gustchick oughta make quick work of that overgrown crawdad.
Trudy: Right.

[[Clyde confidently issues orders to his critter.]]
Clyde: Buzzkill, clip that Gustchick's wings!
[[Buzzkill zooms in, slashing Gustchick with its claws. Gustchick reels from the blow.]]

Bonnie: Clawdaddy, muddy up that pesky Turfig!
[[Clawdaddy squirts a powerful stream of water at Turfig, making the pig-like critter sputter.]]

Fooker: [Shocked] What the flip?
Sharon: [Shouting from the background] They're playing against types! They know they're at a disadvantage with the opposite pairings! Ignore them and use your elemental advantages!
[[Standing next to Sharon, Patty gives her a curious glance.]]

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