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[[As the critter battle continues, Fooker issues orders to his Turfig.]]
Fooker: Turfig! Bury that overgrown hornet in the dirt!
[[Turfig kicks up several huge clods of dirt, knocking the large insect Buzzkill out of the air.]]

[[Meanwhile, Trudy is in the midst of her own battle.]]
Trudy: Gustchick! Butter up that lobster and serve it for lunch!
[[Gustchick swoops down and tackles Clawdaddy from above, sending it reeling.]]

[[Both Buzzkill and Clawdaddy collapse in front of Team Sprocket, knocked out cold.]]
Bonnie: [Horrified] Yeep! These kids aren't messing around!
Clyde: [Cringing] They're a lot stronger than they look!

[[They turn to the rat-like critter standing behind them, the third member of their trio, who seems even more terrified than they are.]]
Bonnie: Ratfink! Go in there and show them who's boss!
Ratfink: [Cowering] Are you kiddin'? I ain't gettin' my tail whipped by those two! They's mean bidness!

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