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[[Sharon boldly steps forward, pointing an accusatory finger toward Team Sprocket.]]
Sharon: If your Ratfink is unwilling to fight, then this battle is over. Forfeit now and hand over Slurphish.
Bonnie: [Backpedaling in a panic] We surrender!
Clyde: [Holding up Slurphish like an offering] Have mercy!

[[Patty takes back her Slurphish, but she doesn't seem thrilled to be reunited with it.]]
Patty: [Deadpan] Hurray... my precious fishy has returned... oh, joy, oh, rapture...
Trudy: [With a devilish smile] And I do believe our victory means you owe us some Critter Coins...
Sharon: [Scolding] Trudy...

[[At the subject of money, Team Sprocket turns unexpectedly sheepish.]]
Bonnie: Um, about that...
Clyde: [Holding out his hand with a few scattered items in it] I think all I've got are six coins, a bottle cap, and some dryer lint...
Ratfink: [Shrugging] Truth is, toots, we's done flat broke!

Sharon: [Genuinely surprised] You don't even have enough to pay your critter battle ante?
Ratfink: [Defensively] Hey, critter theft ain't what it useta be! Ain't nobody buyin' Pokey Bro tails no more!

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