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[[The defeated Team Sprocket trio collapse to the ground in a heap, looking forlornly toward our heroes.]]
Fooker: Wow... these Team Sprocket guys are pretty pathetic...
Sharon: [Sympathetically] The typical grunts are often pretty weak, but these three are worse than usual...

[[We zoom in on Team Sprocket, who try in vain to defend themselves.]]
Bonnie: Honestly, we suck at stealing critters!
Clyde: We haven't made our quota in months!
Ratfink: We's been worst employees of the month for a whole year runnin'!

[[Their eyes grow huge as Bonnie and Clyde clasps their hands in a pleading gesture.]]
Clyde: We're on our boss' last good nerve!
Ratfink: If'n we don't shape up, he'll MOIDERIZE us!
Bonnie: Or worse, FIRE us!

[[Bonnie and Clyde throw their arms around each other and begin to wail. Ratfink joins in, waving his arms madly.]]
Patty: I was going to say "pathetic" was too harsh of a word, but it's actually pretty accurate...
Team Sprocket: WAHH!!!

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