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[[As Team Sprocket cowers before our heroes, Trudy is starting to get annoyed.]]
Trudy: If you three are wash outs as Team Sprocket, why don't you just quit?
Clyde: [Shocked] Quit? But Team Sprocket is all we have!
Ratfink: We's gots nowhere else ta go!

Sharon: You know, you two are actually pretty good wranglers. You showed some decent strategy back there. With some practice, you could even be great.
Bonnie: R-really?

Clyde: [Brightening] Y-you think we could challenge the Critter Conference?
Sharon: [With an awkward smile] Well, maybe not right away. But if you work hard and stay honest, you've got a fighting chance.

[[With such encouragement, Team Sprocket immediately shifts from self-pity to excitement.]]
Bonnie: We can do honest!
Clyde: From hardly working to working hard!
Ratfink: We's turnin' over a new leaf!
Patty: [Looking to the others and cocking a curious eyebrow] That gives me an idea...

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