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[[As Team Sprocket listens with uncertain worry, Patty begins to make her case to the others. She holds her Slurphish tucked under her arm while she speaks. Meanwhile, the other critters perch on their wranglers' shoulders.]]
Patty: Sharon's wish fulfillment aside, we KNOW we can't stay here much longer. We HAVE to return home, and we CAN'T take our critters with us.

Patty: [Turning to Team Sprocket] If these three are sincere about leaving the larcenous life behind, we COULD leave our critters with them. Our creatures get a new home, and they get a fresh start.
[[The Team Sprocket members share a glance, and instantly burst into smiles.]]

Bonnie: [Earnestly] We'd LOVE to adopt your critters!
Clyde: [Enthusiastically] We SWEAR we'll give them a good home!
Ratfink: An' wit' dem on our team, we'd be unstoppable! Critter Conf'rence, 'ere we come!

[[Sharon steps forward and gives their former adversaries an icy glare. Coalkat perches on her shoulder anxiously.]]
Sharon: I hate to admit that Patty's right. But so help me, if I EVER learn you've mistreated Coalkat...
Bonnie: [With a cheesy grin] Never fear! She'll be famous!
Clyde: Look for her in the Hall of Champions!

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