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[[Our heroes begin handing over their critters to the former Team Sprocket trio. In the background, Trudy hands her Gustchick to Bonnie, while Fooker's Turfig "high-fives" Ratfink. In the foreground, Patty hands her Slurphish over to Clyde.]]
Patty: [To Slurphish] Good riddance, Sushi. Wish I could say I'll miss you, but...
Clyde: Don't worry! We'll SHOWER him with love and attention!

[[Sharon has difficulty parting with her Coalkat.]]
Sharon: [Sadly] I'll miss you, Coalkat! Spending time with you has been a childhood dream come true...
Bonnie: [Sympathetically] You truly love her, don't you? I promise I'll take good care of her. She'll always be loved.

[[As Bonnie cradles Coalkat in her arms, Team Sprocket joins their new critters in wishing our heroes farewell. Fooker puts a supportive hand on Sharon's shoulder.]]
Fooker: Time to get goin', Red.
Sharon: [With difficulty] I-I know. Good luck, Bonnie. You too, Clyde and Ratfink. Coalkat, always do your best!

[[As Patty and Fooker begin to walk away, Trudy turns to her sister.]]
Trudy: You going to be OK...?
Sharon: [Looking back over her shoulder] Yeah... I just... wish we didn't have to go...

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