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[[Our heroes return to their home universe. As they remove their MUTEX helmets, Sharon looks forlorn as her thoughts continue to dwell on the Pouch Critters universe they just left. Trudy, for her part, seems annoyed.]]
Trudy: Well, that mission may have been a bust, but it was an amusing side trip, at least...

Fooker: [Turning to Patty] Well, if anyone can find something to gripe about, it would be Patty...
Patty: Actually... that was kind of fun.

Patty: [Smiling] Sure, the outfit was embarrassing and playing fish-pong with Team Sprocket was annoying, but it wasn't that bad. It'll be a fun story to tell Dex and Trish about later.

[[As Patty begins to walk away, Fooker cocks a surprised eyebrow.]]
Fooker: Whoa, you really HAVE mellowed, P.J...
Patty: Maybe I have, FOOKER.
[[Amused by the interaction, Sharon finally cracks a weak smile.]]

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