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[[Chris walks down a corridor on the Grey ship. As she approaches an intersection with a door at the end, she spots Dexter, Trish, and Patty standing outside.]]
Chris: [Smiling] Oh, hi, everyone! Have any of you seen Nick or Ki today? I have a question I was hoping one of them could answer...
Trish: S-sorry, C-Chris. Y-you'll have to g-get in l-line.

Chris: [Concerned] You guys seem worried. Is something wrong?
Patty: That's the problem. We don't know. But from the looks of things, something is definitely up.

Patty: [Gesturing toward the closed door behind her with her thumb] Nick came in this morning all grim and serious. He grabbed Ki, Fooker, Sharon, Trudy, and Fred and they've been holed up in that room for hours. No one's come out since.

Chris: [Confused] I thought you were all in the "inner circle"...
Dexter: [Holding his hands up to form a circle] There are multiple concentric circles. We may be inner, but they're inner inner, which makes us outer inner.
Patty: Beats outer outer.

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