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[[Inside the conference room, Nick stands at the head of the table while Fooker, Ki, Sharon, and Trudy sit in attendance. Fred sits on the table in front of them.]]
Nick: And after that, I crashed for about twelve hours straight. Bizarre, I know, but I swear every word of it is true. Now I'm sure you each have a dozen questions...

Fooker: [Cocking an eyebrow] A dozen? Try a BILLION. Did this Gamester dude give you any proof of what he was talking about?
Nick: Besides what I saw that could be an illusion? Nope. No physical evidence.

Fred: So Jay Leno's clown twin is the guardian of the Cosmos...
Ki: [Sadly] At least we know that Todd's still out there...
Sharon: As well as Smythe and the Speck!

Sharon: [Turning to Trudy] Trudy? Why are you... smiling...?
Trudy: [With a weak smile] You saw him. The Jester. That means I'm NOT going crazy...
Fooker: Hold on now. Let's not dismiss all possibilities...

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