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[[Nick continues his explanation as Fooker, Fred, Ki, Sharon, and Trudy pay attention.]]
Nick: Sending the Earth out of the universe used a tremendous amount of energy. Velociraptor was taxed. Bringing it back is bound to use just as much, if not more.

Nick: So we have to keep enough power in reserve to ensure a safe, complete transfer. Sadly, the Gamester didn't give me a gauge to tell when my "battery" will be depleted.

[[As he continues, we see a small diagram behind Nick. We see the Sun in the middle, with a dotted line depicting Earth's orbit. The Earth, however, is missing, and a small arrow points to where it should be with the words "Earth goes here" next to it. The Moon "orbits" the missing planet. Meanwhile, several small dots labeled "Space Junk" follow this orbit. Off in the distance is another dot, this one labeled "Tesla".]]
Nick: [Grimly] To make matters worse, this time I'll need to be precise in where I put the planet. I have to get the orbits with the Sun and Moon just right. Otherwise, there'll be tidal chaos.

Nick: [Sheepishly] It's kind of like using an atom smasher to position a marble on the head of a pin... a decidedly awkward yet surprisingly accurate analogy...
[[The others share an awkward glance.]]

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