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[[As Nick continues, a ghostly apparition of Emperor Nicholas the Puissant appears behind him, rubbing his hands with evil glee.]]
Nick: [Grimly] Precisely. "Nega-Nick's" presence in our universe is a bigger problem than any of us realized. He's not just a nuisance. He's a genuine threat.

[[Fooker and Ki listen carefully as Nick continues.]]
Nick: Our little excursions have hidden a deeper danger, one that the "Nick-and-Trudy-verse" hinted at but was easy to miss: the possibility of permanent, irreparable damage.

[[Sharon looks concerned, while Trudy scowls.]]
Nick: The Gamester compared "NN's" presence to a cancer. The longer he stays here, the worse damage he'll cause. And he's been in our universe for YEARS now.

Nick: He MUST be sent back. Otherwise, both our universe and the "Negaverse" could be at risk, as well as every universe even remotely associated with them.

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