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Sharon: Where the heck is "Nega-Nick", then? He can't be hiding here. That only leaves--
Fooker: [Grimly] One of the Physaric ships.
Nick: That's what we've already concluded.

Nick: Which ship and where it is now is anyone's guess. I can't imagine it's been easy for him to survive there, let alone avoid being taken over by the Physarics.

Trudy: If our "link" gave me an immunity to Physaric control, I imagine it made him immune as well. That doesn't explain his attitude, though, which is what I find troubling.

Sharon: [Scowling] I don't suppose we can hope the Physarics will turn him into a liquefied dinner...
Ki: [Queasy yet annoyed] Please don't go there. Talking about him is making me nauseous enough already...

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