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Nick: I'm loathe to even suggest this, but it might be in our best interests to be more proactive in trying to find him. Trudy, have you tried actively searching for "Nega-Nick"?

Trudy: [Uncertain] Not... really. I'm not even sure how. But I can try.
Sharon: [Sympathetically] I'll help... although I don't know what I can really do beyond moral support.

[[Nick leans forward, placing both hands on the table in front of him.]]
Nick: OK. If you two concentrate on that, the rest of us will focus on the search for Earth. With any luck, we won't run into any more surprises.

[[Just then, a loud <<BOOM>> shakes the ship, causing everyone assembled to jostle back and forth.]]
Fooker: {Shouting toward the ceiling} Aw, c'mon! It's not like he said, "What else could go wrong?"

References: It's not quite "ominous thunder", but it's close...
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