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[[Our heroes react to the unexpected BOOM that rocked the ship. Nick immediately moves to Ki's side.]]
Nick: [To Ki] If the ship's going to buck like a bronco, we need to get you to safety...
Sharon: [At Ki's other side, placing a hand on her shoulder] I've got Ki. You guys go figure out what's going on.
Ki: Thanks, Sharon.

[[Nick, Fooker, and Trudy exit the room with Fred perched on Fooker's shoulder. They barely take a few steps out the door before a second BOOM sends them scrambling to stay upright.]]
Fooker: [Annoyed] What did the Skaboola do, find some interstellar potholes to drive through?
Nick: Head to the bridge!

[[They reach an intersection of corridors where multiple Greys are running around in a panic. Pi storms around one corner, grinding his teeth.]]
Pi: [Angrily] Flargnak! I KNEW they couldn't be trusted!
Nick: Pi! What's going on? Are we caught in a meteor shower or something?

Pi: Worse. It's the Physarics. They went and threw the cease fire out the nearest airlock. We're under attack!
[[In the foreground, Fooker and Trudy exchange uncertain glances.]]

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