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[[Nick, Fooker, Trudy, Fred, and Pi all arrive on the bridge of the Grey ship. As the door opens, they find the bridge bustling with activity. In the foreground, the Great Skaboola is rapidly issuing orders to the drones that swarm around him.]]
Skaboola: Return fire with particle cannons three and four! Charge the anti-proton beam! What is the status on our shields?
Nick: [To Pi] The Physarics? Why would they attack? What happened to the truce?

Pi: Nobody knows. The attack was unprovoked. The Supreme Fu left standing orders not to engage them without his explicit orders. The slime balls had other ideas.

Pi: What's worse, there are reports coming in that this isn't an isolated incident. They're attacking our assets across the galaxy!
Skaboola: [Turning toward the newcomers with annoyance] #3141592! Cease and desist that blathering!

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