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[[The Physaric attack on the Grey ship apparently subsides. On the bridge, the Great Skaboola oversees his crew's response.]]
Drone: Great Skaboola, the enemy ship is disengaging and is attempting to flee. Shall we pursue?
Skaboola: Negative. Stand down, but maintain combat readiness.

[[Behind the Skaboola, Nick, Fooker, Trudy, Fred, and Pi have been waiting, curious as to what is going on.]]
Nick: Great Skaboola, could you fill us in on what just happened?
Skaboola: This does not concern you human, but since #3141592 cannot keep his orifice closed, I will elucidate.
[[Pi seems frustrated with the Skaboola's disapproval.]]

Skaboola: A Physaric ship entered this solar system approximately 240 kilo-ganadans ago. All attempts at communication went unanswered. Then, without warning, they attacked.

Skaboola: The damage to our ship appears minimal, and it is unlikely we damaged them severely. The reason behind their attack and why they broke off remains a mystery.
[[Nick, Fooker, and Trudy exchange uncertain glances.]]

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