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Nick: [Deep in thought] Why would the Physarics break the ceasefire?
Fooker: [Pointing toward Pi] Maybe they got tired of Pi being such a sourpuss...
[[Pi gives Fooker an annoyed look.]]
Trudy: [Grimly] I'll bet "Nega-Nick" has something to do with it...

[[Nick turns to address the Great Skaboola.]]
Nick: Before we jump to any conclusions, don't forget that they aren't familiar with the Greys' subspace comm channels. They may not have heard the hails.
Skaboola: That may be true...

Skaboola: But that does not explain the unprovoked attacks, here and elsewhere. There is already telepathic chatter among the Skaboolas that reigniting the war may be inevitable.
[[Nick clearly does not like this reply.]]

Nick: [To Fooker] Fooker, Fred, find Socrates. Maybe he can tap into the Syncytium to find out what's going on. [To the Skaboola] Great Skaboola, I'd like to talk to the Grand Protuberance, please.

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