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[[A narration box reads, "Moments later..." Nick, Trudy, and the Great Skaboola stand before a towering hologram of the Grand Protuberance, communicating with them from some unknown distance.]]
Protuberance: Ah, Nicholas Wellington. I anticipated your hail the instant the news of the attacks reached me.
Nick: Thank you for your time, Grand Protuberance.

Protuberance: I expect you wish to plead for us to maintain the ceasefire despite the escalation of hostilities.
Nick: For the moment, yes. At least until we can find out what's going on.

Protuberance: It seems the Supreme Fu agrees with you. The attacks bear the hallmarks of a test of our defenses: no casualties, simply hit-and-run tactics with minimal damage.

Protuberance: We have been ordered to maintain a defensive posture. But be warned: if these attacks continue and escalate, I am authorized to take whatever measures I deem necessary.
[[Nick takes this last bit of news grimly.]]

References: The Supreme Fu
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