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[[Nick and Trudy exit the bridge of the Grey ship and walk into the corridor beyond. Nick seems deep in thought.]]
Nick: None of this makes any sense. I can't think of a reason why the Physarics would break the ceasefire. When we negotiated the truce, they seemed eager to accept it.

Trudy: [Grimly] It's him. "Nega-Nick". I just know it.
Nick: Trudy, "NN" can't be our bogeyman for everything. We have no proof he's even involved.

Trudy: No, Nick. I can FEEL it. Don't ask me how or why, but I just KNOW it. Something deep in my gut is screaming that it's him, even if I can't find a rational reason why.

Nick: At this point, we can't dismiss any possibilities. Go find Sharon and Ki and try searching for him. The sooner we find him, the sooner we'll find answers.
Trudy: Agreed.

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