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[[Fooker marches with determination down a corridor on the Grey ship, with Fred perched on his shoulder. As they come to an intersection, they almost run into Planck.]]
Fooker: Planck, my man! We're looking for Socrates. Have you seen him?
Planck: Last I saw him, he and Persephone were in Waste Reclamation Chamber F6. Why?

Fred: We need to have an impromptu slime mold pow wow stat. When did you see him?
Planck: [Confused] Maybe 60 kilo-ganadans, er, 15 minutes ago?

Fooker: [Turning to continue on his way] Close enough. We'll find him. He couldn't have slithered far.
Planck: Why? What's going on? Is it something I can help with?

Fred: What bulkhead have you been hiding behind? We were under Physaric attack just a few minutes ago!
Planck: [In shock] Really? THAT'S what that was? Nobody tells me anything anymore!

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