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[[A narration box reads: "A few minutes and a brief explanation later..." Persephone, Socrates, and Fred are all perched on a table. Fooker is seated next to Fred, while Planck stands behind them.]]
Socrates: So you want me to try telepathically contacting the Syncytium to learn why they attacked?
Fred: In a nutshell.

Socrates: I... guess I could try. I haven't tried since I lost contact with them years ago. After you "cured" me and I elected to stay with you, I haven't even bothered.

Fred: Well, Persephone and I have never done it, and we're kind of desperate to find out why they attacked.
Fooker: We're looking at a potential full scale war breaking out here.
[[Behind them, Planck cringes.]]

Socrates: That's the last thing we want, and I'd be surprised if they'd want it either. OK, I'll see what I can do. I can't make any promises, however...
Fooker: Give the old slime mold try.

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