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[[Socrates puts a pseudopod "hand" on either side of his "head" as if rubbing his "temples". Nearby, Fred and Persephone wait patiently.]]
Socrates: OK, let me concentrate. This may take a while, especially given the distance. Please be patient...

[[After a brief pause, he continues.]]
Socrates: Strange... there's a ship nearby... must be the ship that attacked. I'll try to contact it. I might go quiet for a minute or two...
[[Fooker and Fred exchange an uncertain glance. Behind them, Planck watches carefully.]]

[[As Socrates remains motionless, Fooker and Fred have their own whispered conversation.]]
Fooker: So... how long does this usually take?
Fred: Why are you asking me? This is as foreign to me as it is to you.
Fooker: Well, seein' as you guys are ooze buddies, maybe he told you...

[[As Fred and Fooker's argument becomes more heated, they cease to whisper and instead continue at normal volume.]]
Fred: "Ooze buddies"? Really? How very speciesist of you...
Fooker: [Pointing a finger into Fred's "face"] Now listen here, bub. We done made peace over that. Don't you start...
[[As they argue, Socrates, who is off-panel, reaches a pseudopod into frame, stretching toward Fooker's hand resting on the table.]]
Planck: [Noticing Socrates' pseudopod] Um...

References: Fred knows little about his heritage; Fooker and Fred's falling out and reconciliation: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
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