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[[Fred continues his somewhat childish argument with Fooker while Planck and Persephone watch.]]
Fred: I shouldn't start? YOU started it with your immature comment! Where do you think we are, kindergarten?
[[There is a small "ZOT" sound, then Fooker sits bolt upright in his seat. A startled expression seizes his face.]]

[[Fooker takes on a grim, determined expression. He rises to his feet and begins to walk away from the table.]]
Fred: Where do you think you're going? We're not done here! We have to report Socrates' findings back to Nick!
[[Planck cringes as realization dawns on him.]]

[[As Fooker walks to the door, Planck moves to intercept him. Meanwhile, Persephone looks around the table in confusion.]]
Persephone: Where did Socrates go? I looked away for a second and he just vanished!
Planck: Um... Fooker? Are you... OK...?

[[Without warning, Fooker shoves Planck across the room, sending him slamming into the opposite wall.]]
Persephone: PLANCK!
Fred: What the heck is WRONG with you?

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