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[[Having assaulted Planck and stormed out of the room, Fooker, under the control of Socrates, marches with determination down a corridor of the Grey ship. As he passes an intersection, he also passes his brother Justin, who is talking to Mike/Mark.]]
Justin: [Spotting Fooker] Just the guy we need to talk to. Hey, bro!

[[Fooker fails to acknowledge his brother. Justin walks up behind him.]]
Justin: Jas, Mike was asking what those loud booms were. I ain't got a clue, but I figured if ANYBODY did, it would be you. You got any idea what--

[[Without warning, Fooker turns and punches Justin square across the jaw. Caught off-guard, Justin crumples to the floor.]]

[[Fooker resumes his march out of frame. Sprawled in the floor, Justin pulls himself up to a sitting position. Mark kneels next to him.]]
Mike: [With concern] That's some strange brotherly love you two have...
Justin: [Shouting at Fooker's back] I TOLD you I'd return your coffee mug, you dumb lummox!

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