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[[Planck runs down a corridor with Fred perched on his shoulder. As they pass, several random drones eye them curiously yet passively.]]
Planck: We have to catch up with Fooker and Socrates while Persephone tries to find Nick...
Fred: Fine, but what did you mean about Socrates not being in control of himself either?

Planck: You trust him, don't you?
Fred: Implicitly. He turned his back on our people to stay with me and to keep an important secret. It was a very difficult decision for him.

Planck: Well, he seemed fine before he contacted the Syncytium, right? I think they sent him some sort of coded signal to override his personality and control him remotely.

Planck: [Narrowing his eyes] The only other alternative is that he's been a sleeper agent biding his time so he could betray you and infiltrate our ship...
Fred: Let's hope your first theory is correct...

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