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[[Fooker, under the control of a likewise remotely-controlled Socrates, marches down a corridor on the Grey ship. He startles a passing Grey scientist drone, who seems frightened by the tall, menacing human. At the end of the hall, a warrior drone stands guard, blocking the entire hallway with his massive frame.]]

[[As Fooker approaches the warrior drone, the drone stops him short with an upraised hand.]]
Drone: Halt, human! We are on heightened alert. This area is currently restricted to non-essential personnel. Return to your dormitory and remain--

[[Fooker cuts the drone short by dropping to a crouch, then performing a leg sweep that knocks the giant Grey off balance.]]

[[Caught off-guard, the Grey stumbles, giving Fooker the opportunity to perform a palm strike straight to his jaw, knocking off his helmet.]]

[[As the drone slumps to the floor unconscious, Fooker casually steps over him and proceeds down the hall as if nothing happened.]]

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