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[[Our scene switches back to Justin and Mike/Mark, the latter of which is helping the former back to his feet after Fooker's unexpected attack. Planck and Fred round the corner.]]
Fred: Justin! Have you seen Fooker around here?
Justin: [Angrily] Yeah, and when I see him again, I'm going to kick his butt.

Planck: We might just need you to do that. He's not himself.
Justin: You can say that again. What happened to him?
Fred: Physaric control. We'll explain on the way.
[[Mike catches sight of Fred and cringes.]]

Mike: [Timidly eying Fred] Um, speaking of Physarics...
Justin: [Gesturing between them] Mike, Fred. Fred, Mike. Not to worry he's one of the nice ones, and a fellow GPF alumnus.
Fred: Please to meet you. Now let's go!

[[As Justin, Planck and Fred run off into the background, Mike calls after them.]]
Mike: Dwayne... hired a greed blob? What did you do?
Fred: Technical phone support. Not glamorous, I know, but it paid better than the online university gig...

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