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[[Fred, Justin, and Planck round a corner to find the Grey warrior Fooker attack earlier regaining consciousness and struggling to return to his feet.]]
Fred: Do you think Fooker went this way?
Justin: [Spotting the warrior Grey] Call it a hunch, but yeah...

Planck: [To the warrior] Boltzmann! Are you OK?
Boltzmann: [Wincing] I TOLD you to stop calling me that, #6626068! My designation is #1380649. And yes, I am still functional.

Justin: Let me guess. Tall human, kinda looks like me with scruffy hair...
Boltzmann: Affirmative. It responded... inappropriately to my attempts to deny it access to this corridor.

[[Justin, Fred, and Planck run past the warrior and down the corridor.]]
Justin: Good to know. Come with us. We might need your help in stopping him...
Boltzmann: Wait! You three do not have clearance to enter there either!

References: #6626068; "Boltzmann" is nicknamed after the Boltzmann constant
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