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[[Planck, Justin, Fred, and the Grey warrior drone Boltzmann come to an intersection of dark corridors. They look around, trying to figure out which way to proceed.]]
Planck: It seems odd that Fooker and Socrates would head down this way...
Fred: Why? What's down here?

Boltzmann: Critical infrastructure you are not authorized to--
Planck: [Annoyed] Oh, hush, Boltzmann. It's not that critical, nor is it anything worth all the secrecy.

Boltzmann: [Scowling] The Skaboola believes otherwise...
Planck: The Skaboola just doesn't want the humans learning too much about our internal affairs.

Justin: [Cocking an eyebrow] Such as...?
Planck: Boring stuff like maintenance access, waste reclamation, drone diagnostics, the cloning... vats... [He trails off, coming to a realization.]

References: Grey cloning and genetic engineering: (1) (2) (3)
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