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[[Planck leads Justin, Fred, and Boltzmann the Grey warrior drone down several winding corridors in their search for Fooker and Socrates.]]
Justin: OK, Planck, which way do we go now?
Planck: This way. We're almost there...

[[They reach a large room filled with complex machinery. At the far end is a tall, cylindrical piece of equipment with a control panel. Fooker stands before the panel, his back to the newcomers.]]
Fred: There he is!
Planck: And it looks like he's already found the cloning vat! We have to stop him!

Boltzmann: [Drawing out his blaster rifle and leveling it toward Fooker] I'll make short work of this...
Justin: [Surprised] Whoa! Hold on there! You can't just blast him! He's my brother!
Planck: [Cringing] He's vital to the humans' search effort!

Boltzmann: [Lowering the rifle while giving Justin a suspicious glance] Then how do you propose we handle this...?
Justin: [Coolly] Kick is butt, definitively. Beat him senseless, maybe. Kill him? Tempting, but not a wise idea.

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