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[[As Justin hands Fred over to Planck, warrior drone Boltzmann folds his arms across his massive chest.]]
Boltzmann: Vat-mate or not, a compromised drone is best dealt with in a manner that leaves no possibility for failure...
Justin: Well, he's no drone, so let me handle this.

[[Justin quickly but stealthily runs up behind Fooker, who remains facing the other direction.]]

[[Without warning, Fooker deftly side-steps, dodging Justin's lunge. Caught off-guard, Justin's momentum carries him forward as surprise crosses his face.]]

[[Fooker subtly moves his foot, tripping Justin and sending him to the floor.]]

[[Adding insult to injury, Fooker elbow-slams Justin square in the back, knocking off his glasses and sending crashing down.]]

[[Back at the room's entrance, Boltzmann seems unimpressed.]]
Boltzmann: I could have told it the probability of failure for that maneuver was 87.983%.
Planck: [Flatly] I would have guessed more like 63.497%...
Fred: [Annoyed] This is 100% not helping...

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