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[[Unimpressed by Justin's failure to stop the Socrates-controlled Fooker, Grey warrior drone Boltzmann starts marching toward them.]]
Boltzmann: I will incapacitate this renegade while inflicting a minimum of permanent damage...
Fred [sitting in Planck's palm]: Any more than none and he might take it personally...

[[Boltzmann steps up behind Fooker and raises both fists above his head, ready to pound Fooker from behind.]]

[[As he lowers the blow, Fooker deftly catches his fists overhead, surprising the soldier.]]

[[Fooker then carries Boltzmann's momentum forward, turning the intended blow into an over-the-shoulder throw. Boltzmann is clearly shocked by the maneuver.]]

[[Fooker completes the throw, hurling Boltzmann on top of Justin, crushing him under the mighty Grey's weight.]]

[[Back at the entrance to the room, Fred and Planck seem uncertain of what to do next.]]
Fred: Guess it's down to you and me, Planck. Any ideas? I could bore him to death with a poetry recitation...
Planck: I was going to do the same with the first 3149 digits of pi...

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