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[[Justin and Boltzmann the warrior Grey lie in the floor where Fooker, under Socrates' control, has incapacitated them. Undeterred, Fooker turns back to the cloning vat and begins to sabotage it.]]
Fred: Get up, you two! This is no time for a nap!
Planck: Fooker is almost done disabling the safety protocols!

[[Boltzmann rolls from his back onto his belly, but his massive size continues to crush Justin underneath him.]]
Justin: Can't... breathe...
Boltzmann: If that is mean to be a humorous remark concerning my mass, I do not find it amusing...

[[The two return to their feet an confer on their next move as Fooker continues to work.]]
Justin: Look, Jason's smaller than you, but he's wiry and well trained. If we tackle him together...
Boltzmann: We will increase our odds of success. Then on my signal...

[[Just as they are about to make their move, Fooker suddenly writhes as if in pain.]]
Fooker: NGH!
Justin: [Cocking an eyebrow] Or, you know, he could just do THAT...

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