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[[A short while and a scene change later, Fooker and Socrates sit behind a force field in a brig cell while Nick, Persephone, Planck, Fred, and Boltzmann wait outside.]]
Boltzmann: [Arms crossed] You will remain here in isolation until either I or Bohr are satisfied both of you are no longer a threat.
Fooker: No sweat, big guy. Security's your bag. We're chill.

Nick: Fooker, how are you doing? If we need to get Granger...
Fooker: I'm find. That wasn't the first time I've done the Physaric puppet dance.

Fred: Socrates? How are you holding up?
Socrates: [With difficulty] I... I'll be fine. I sincerely apologize for everything that just happened. I... I'm not used to being on this side of the equation.

Nick: [Grimly] So... was it the Syncytium? Did they take control of you?
Socrates: Yes... and no. It was them... but it wasn't. It's hard to explain, like... someone else was also there...

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