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[[Sharon and Ki wait in a Grey laboratory. Ki reclines in a chair, rubbing her growing pregnant belly. The door opens as Trudy enters.]]
Sharon: Trudy! Any news on what's going on?
Trudy: Yeah, but what are you two doing in here? It took me a while to find you...

Sharon: Pi sent us down here. He said it was one of the best protected parts of the ship.
Ki: I'd believe it. We haven't felt another blast since we got here.

Trudy: [Grimly] That's because the shooting ended shortly after we left that conference room.
Sharon: [Surprised] Shooting? That doesn't sound good. Who's firing at us?

Trudy: The Physarics. It was a hit-and-run attack. The current theory is they're testing our defenses. The question is why would they risk breaking the truce to do it.
[[Ki and Sharon exchange an uncertain glance.]]

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