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Trudy: Nick sent Fooker and Fred to find Socrates to try and contact the Physaric hive mind and find out what's going on. Meanwhile, we've got another job...
Ki: [Cocking an eyebrow] We do?

Trudy: Well, I do. I think "Nega-Nick" is somehow behind all this, so Nick wants me to use the "link" to test that theory. [To Sharon] You offered to help, didn't you?
Sharon: [Uncertain] Um, sure, but... how...?

Trudy: We'll form a telepathic link first, then you should be able to "ride along" as I reach out. You could act as my anchor in case I need help getting back.
Sharon: [Confused] Oh...kay...?

Ki: I don't suppose there's anything I can do...?
Trudy: You could monitor us in case anything goes wrong. It might be good to have someone "on the outside", just in case.

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