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[[Trudy and Sharon take a seat near Ki and face each other. Trudy holds out her hand.]]
Sharon: OK, I'm ready. What do we do first?
Trudy: Clear your thoughts, then take my hand and concentrate.

[[The scene shifts slightly. Our view seems covered by a slightly haze, and the panel borders become rounded with a glow around them. Trudy has initiated "the link". Sharon looks around. As they talk, the conversation is in their heads as a series of shared thoughts, rather than spoken aloud.]]
Sharon: Link established, I guess. Now what?
Trudy: [Concentrating] I'm going to try and reach out with my mind. This might feel a bit weird...

[[As their physical bodies remain motionless in their seats, a mental, translucent projection of themselves begins to float above them. Sharon's projection seems startled by the transition as she looks down at herself.]]
Sharon: Um... yeah, this IS pretty weird...

[[They float higher, and we can see their physical bodies below, still seated. Ki sits opposite them, watching carefully, seemingly oblivious to their non-corporeal forms.]]
Sharon: [Looking down at herself] Is THAT what my hair looks like from above? Wait... is that a THINNING SPOT?
Trudy: [Annoyed] Concentrate, Sharon! This is hard enough as it is!

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