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[[Trudy and Sharon's mental projections hover in the air above their real bodies, which remain seated in their chairs. Ki sits in the chair opposite them, watching their silent bodies and oblivious to the invisible forms.]]
Sharon: I've heard of out-of-body experiences, but never thought I'd have one... literally...
Trudy: Please, Sharon... I'm trying to focus...

[[Trudy and Sharon pass through the ceiling and emerge through the floor of the deck above. Several Greys monitor some equipment behind them, unaware of their presence.]]
Sharon: [Phasing through the floor] This isn't what I thought you meant by "reaching out"...
Trudy: [Pulling her through] It's a metaphor, OK? Just... work with it...

[[They walk through a wall and end up in another room. Patty, Trish, and Chris are in the middle of a pleasant, inaudible conversation.]]
Sharon: So is what we're seeing actually happening, or...?
Trudy: How should I know? It's not like I've done this before...

[[They pass through another wall. Dexter stands in front of a mirror, buck naked with his back to us, whistling.]]
Sharon: [Balking at Dexter's nakedness] Can we... um, speed this up? Is there a light speed on this thing...?
Trudy: [Grabbing Sharon's arm and pulling her toward the opposite wall] Trust me, I'm TRYING to find it...

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